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Late Night Early Morning

Couldn’t sleep last night. Didn’t get to sleep till after 2. Woke at 4:30, our dog was going nuts barking in the back yard. I thought maybe someone was out there but he was just answering some other neighborhood dog. Not sure what they were discussing but it sounded pretty heated.

I am watching CNN’s coverage of Ike. It is such a large and powerful storm. One thing that irks me is how these news channels put their people in harms way. There are reporters standing out in the storm in various areas. Its nuts. You half expect one of them to blow away. They stand in the storm debris blowing behind them telling people how dangerous it is and to stay off the streets. The only peoplethat should be out are the emergency personnel they tell the public. Do they not realize if something happens to one of their reporters and they have to call 911 they are then putting the emergency personnel in danger?


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