College Bound

Only one more day till I start classes.

Hope I live through them.


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    Thanks for the comments on my blog -Down River Drivel .

    I can relate totally to your excitement over starting college classes. I was 46 years old when I decided to go to college! My first day on campus, I had every one of my textbooks for each of the four courses I was taking, in my backpack and when the day was over and I headed for the commuter bus stop to get to the parking lot, I couldn’t find the bus stop so I walked from mid-campus out to the commuter parking lot -almost a mile, in the hot, late-day sun, with the weight of all those books on my back! Thought I would die! I learned quickly then that rarely do you take your textbooks with you to classes! Notebooks, pens, your wallet, ids and money but not textbooks. Probably the only aspect to college life in which I became a “fast learner.”

    Where will you be going to college? And what is your planned major too?

    It is truly a fantastic journey in getting a college education.

    Jeni Hill Ertmer

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