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This was whose idea?

So, baby is very much on the way. I know this because I am noting but a raging bag of hormones! Did you see that word… RAGING. In the biggest sense of the word that is me. One second I am mrs nice and 20 seconds later….


My oldest, who is 20 and has her own son that is almost a year, asked her father the other night “so dad how is YOUR pregnancy going?” He didn’t miss a beat… “it’s horrible”


Geeze, I wonder why he would say that? He isn’t the one growing after just loosing 30 pounds! He is the one with the achy back that has been on bed rest for six weeks? He isn’t the one with NO appetite what so ever!! WHY would he say such a thing…



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Getting Ready For Baby

Even though I am not due for a few more months the fact that our house is so tiny we have started to prepare for his or her arrival. We were blessed to find a good deal on a crib and mattress from friends of my brother in law. We have no place to store it so we had to arrange the room to fit it. Then we drained the water bed and put an air mattress in place of the water mattress. I sleep so much better on the air mattress and it was 20 bucks. We had a soft side water bed so we just took the bladder and foam sides out and put in the air mattress, blew it up and zipped the cover around it. You don’t know there is a difference until you set on it.


I got classic pooh for the baby bed. Hubby put together the changing/table dresser from HELL…. It only had like 3245 parts to it. Directions were made by wee elves that have NO clue…. But it’s DONE.


Tomorrow my goal is to menu plan and budget plan for the upcoming months.


Here is our crib. This was taken at the home it was last in. They bought it for a grandson and he never used it even once. I will take some pics in a couple days of how it looks in our room. My room is now VERY multifunctional. It is a bedroom, nursery, office and it is where I am most of the day since I am on bed rest and my step daughter moved back in with ALL THREE of her kids! Yea… needed that right now too.

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Family Reunion

Tomorrow we have a family reunion at Fanning Springs. For some strange reason they are having it early in the a.m. We are leaving here (supposedly) at 6 a.m. If hubby doesn’t wake up on time I am not going to push it because it would be nice to sleep in.


This is a picture of my three when they were little. Lew is no 17, Em (the baby) is 16 and Kait is 20. I will have to do an updated pic of the three of them tomorrow.

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Late Night Early Morning

Couldn’t sleep last night. Didn’t get to sleep till after 2. Woke at 4:30, our dog was going nuts barking in the back yard. I thought maybe someone was out there but he was just answering some other neighborhood dog. Not sure what they were discussing but it sounded pretty heated.

I am watching CNN’s coverage of Ike. It is such a large and powerful storm. One thing that irks me is how these news channels put their people in harms way. There are reporters standing out in the storm in various areas. Its nuts. You half expect one of them to blow away. They stand in the storm debris blowing behind them telling people how dangerous it is and to stay off the streets. The only peoplethat should be out are the emergency personnel they tell the public. Do they not realize if something happens to one of their reporters and they have to call 911 they are then putting the emergency personnel in danger?

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Update on First Essay


Well, I got my first essay back.

He made us all very nervous. We received a lecture like in high school about how disappointed he was in our work. How many of us wrote like seventh graders and had no clue how to write a high school paper and here we were trying a college paper. I got my grade.

A 100!


Now, you may think wow she is ecstatic. Ok, I am excited BUT… he said he was going to go over what he wants in the essays…. I figured I’d get my essay back and have some helpful feedback on all the in’s and outs. Nope, just a 100. I B.S’d the essay… now I am unsure how to proceed with the one due Tuesday! Not sure if I have any B.S. left in me. J


I guess there were quite a few in the class that just bombed it. He said they would put direct quotes in the paper with no citations at all.


Guess what I’ll be doing this week end?


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Quiet Friday Writing and Worrying

What am I worrying about? Writing of course. Working on this paper for my social sciences class. Trying to come up with a topic is horrid. I am just going to do some free writing today and tomorrow and whatever I come up with that seems to flow better I will develop over Sunday and Monday.

It seems I should probably get dressed as it is 1:30 in the afternoon. I have spent the a.m. surfing, reading, and writing. I have     to pick up my son at school at 2:30. He is doing his internship which is part of the dual enrollment. He is interning in the graphic     arts department. He was chomping at the bit to go so he could see all his friends.

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Forced Writing…

I love to write.  I hate to write. 

Yup, that’s it in a nutshell.

I love to write.  I love to blog, I love to write about my day, my family, my life.  I love to work on my novel when I am not stuck.

However, these college papers I am having to write.  Hate them.  I don’t think it would be so bad if the professor would assign a topic.  I am good at research.  I enjoy it.  To me it’s like a game searching for the best information to use.  The one book or article that will cinch it all together.

We have six essays to do.  It is a social science class.  It covers a broad, VERY broad subject area.  We can right about ANYTHING in that subject area. 

Ideas anyone?

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