Getting Ready For Baby

Even though I am not due for a few more months the fact that our house is so tiny we have started to prepare for his or her arrival. We were blessed to find a good deal on a crib and mattress from friends of my brother in law. We have no place to store it so we had to arrange the room to fit it. Then we drained the water bed and put an air mattress in place of the water mattress. I sleep so much better on the air mattress and it was 20 bucks. We had a soft side water bed so we just took the bladder and foam sides out and put in the air mattress, blew it up and zipped the cover around it. You don’t know there is a difference until you set on it.


I got classic pooh for the baby bed. Hubby put together the changing/table dresser from HELL…. It only had like 3245 parts to it. Directions were made by wee elves that have NO clue…. But it’s DONE.


Tomorrow my goal is to menu plan and budget plan for the upcoming months.


Here is our crib. This was taken at the home it was last in. They bought it for a grandson and he never used it even once. I will take some pics in a couple days of how it looks in our room. My room is now VERY multifunctional. It is a bedroom, nursery, office and it is where I am most of the day since I am on bed rest and my step daughter moved back in with ALL THREE of her kids! Yea… needed that right now too.


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