A wee lil kink in my college career….

About three weeks ago I passed a test, or failed a test.  I guess it depends on how you look at it.  At 39 I thought the medical symptoms I was having had to do with menopause.  No…. they had to do with being pregnant.

Yup. I started college and got knocked up.  LOL.   Shocked the stew out of me.  I was told about six years ago that if hubby and I wanted a baby together (he has two kids and I have three) we would need infertility treatments.  Surprise, surprise, surprise.  God has other plans.  After the initial shock and getting excited I have had some complications so that I am on bed rest for the time being.  Three of my professors have been great, all my work is done from home and emailed in.  One, however, who is a 30 year old nerd that thinks his lectures contain the knowledge of the world (i have yet to hear something that I hadn’t already read in the book) said there is no way I could pass his tests with out being there for the lectures.  Ugh.  I am dropping that with a doc note.


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