Update on First Essay


Well, I got my first essay back.

He made us all very nervous. We received a lecture like in high school about how disappointed he was in our work. How many of us wrote like seventh graders and had no clue how to write a high school paper and here we were trying a college paper. I got my grade.

A 100!


Now, you may think wow she is ecstatic. Ok, I am excited BUT… he said he was going to go over what he wants in the essays…. I figured I’d get my essay back and have some helpful feedback on all the in’s and outs. Nope, just a 100. I B.S’d the essay… now I am unsure how to proceed with the one due Tuesday! Not sure if I have any B.S. left in me. J


I guess there were quite a few in the class that just bombed it. He said they would put direct quotes in the paper with no citations at all.


Guess what I’ll be doing this week end?



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