Trying again… post lost in space

I wrote a post earlier.  I hit publish.  It is no where to be found…

I was able to change my algebra from the professor that does not know how to teach to a class with a wonderful professor who truly loves what she does and is an AWESOME teacher!  By the time I got out of class I GOT IT!  I understood the stuff that the other professor had went over last week but had not explained.

I am going to the learning resource center (aka the library) tomorrow.  They have a writing center where you can get help on papers.  I think once I get through the first one and see what is expected and live through it the rest will be a cake walk.

I am waiting, impatiently, (at least I’m honest) for my financial aid refund to post so I can get some software I need for a couple of my classes.  I can not afford it with out the financial aid and the stupid bookstore isn’t carrying it this year.

Keeping an eye on the tropics.  The spots to watch.  First and foremost, Gustov.   Hopefully he falls apart and isn’t as strong as expected and leaves New Orleans alone.  I’m not sure that place to handle another storm like Katrina.  I don’t think anyone really can handle it but they still aren’t recovered fully from Katrina.

My son is being sent to a “staging” area in Alabama.  Like his father he is a line clearance tree trimmer.  Generally they are there right after a storm hits, or if it is here in Florida, during the storm.  Cutting, sawing and getting the mess out of the way so the lines can be put back up and people can get through the streets.

Here is a pic of hubby at work.

Well, my son needs the laptop for some school work.  I’m headed to find some z’s or as hubby says to check the back of my eyelids for cracks.


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