On Writing

  1. Do you write fiction or non-fiction?  Or both?  Both, fiction mostly but college requires non fiction
  2. Do you keep a journal or a writing notebook? A journal
  3. If you write fiction, do you know your characters’ goals, motivations, and conflicts before you start writing or is that something else you discover only after you start writing? Do you find books on plotting useful or harmful?  I know the basics but they tend to take over and change things.
  4. Are you a procrastinator or does the itch to write keep at you until you sit down and work?I procrastinate at everything.  But once I start it’s hard to stop.
  5. Do you write in short bursts of creative energy, or can you sit down and write for hours at a time?Usually only a couple hours.
  6. Are you a morning or afternoon writer?Afternoon.
  7. Do you write with music/the noise of children/in a cafe or other public setting, or do you need complete silence to concentrate?I like quiet.  But I have gotten good over the years at blocking things out. *especially hubby.
  8. Computer or longhand? (or typewriter?)puter
  9. Do you know the ending before you type Chapter One?  Or do you let the story evolve as you write? the story evolves…
  10. Does what’s selling in the market influence how and what you write? nope, I write what i like
  11. Editing/Revision – love it or hate it?  hate

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