Survived Week One of College… although with some challenges

I did it.  I started college.  About time since I am 39 years young.  My first college class ever was Principles of Management.  My Professor insists on being called Dave as other titles make him feel old.  So, Dave starts out the class… he takes attendence.  I was fifteen minutes early arriving as were others.  Then there were those that came in late.  One girl… a half an hour late.  This amazed me.  You are paying for your education.  Appreciate it. Don’t miss a minute of it.  Then Dave talked of attendance.  Sure, you can not show up.  It will reflect in your grade.

This whole situation amazed me.  Sure, I have financial aid.   It’s not “my” money so to speak but still it is a blessing to have this opportunity to learn.  I am embracing that opportunity.  Maybe that is because I am “non-traditional”.  I have waited a number of years for my education.  I have seen what little the world has to offer and the fact that what it does offer often brings nothing but stress and worry.

My second class, late that afternoon, Algebra Prep.  A class for those of us who have math issues.  This is where I met my first ‘bad’ professor.  He does NOT teach.  He fits his name.  His first name: Dudley.  His appearance:  A rather tall black man, coke bottle glasses (he has a habit of pushing them up on his nose even though they haven’t slipped anywhere), he mumbles and stutters.  He is very difficult to understand.  His idea of teaching algebra is to put a problem on the board then to do it while he says each thing out loud.  He does not explain anything.  Just does it.  If you ask a question…he looks at you as though you have suddlenly sprouted another head.

On Tuesday I had my next two classes, I am taking four total.  Intro to Social Sciences and Microcomputer Applications.  Social Science only worries me due to the essays but since I love to write (hence my blogs) I’ll figure those out.  My social science professor (official title “international political economist”) looks like a grown up version of my 10 year old nephew.  Only he acts too nerdy to be him.  I guess you would have to be a severe nerd to earn his job title.

My first week in college was spent fighting the rain and winds of Tropical storm Fay.  She ruined my umbrella.  I also learned I did have to find a wheeled bag of some sort due to a past shoulder injury.

I officially changed my major to Office Administration/Management.  Who knows, that may change again.

Well, I shall log off here.  We are getting yet another band from the storm even though it passed us yesterday.  Thunder and rain and lightening galore.

Going to try and finish dinner cooking before the power fails.  It has flashed off and on once already.


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