Hospitals, Healthcare (warning Vent ahead)

Haven’t been around since I went with my daughter BACK to the ER on Tuesday night. My one year old grandson was taken to his pediatrician Monday. She said he had pneumonia and sent him to the ER. 14 hours later they sent him home saying she was wrong and he had an ear infection. Tues. a.m. she took him BACK to the pediatrician and told her what had happened the night before including the fact that they NEVER once listened to his lungs!!!! They would ask her a question and as she was trying to answer cut her off!

The pediatrician went ahead an took xrays and showed my daughter the pneumonia. She said he was dehydrated and needed back to the hospital for iv fluids. She called ahead. She gave us the name of a doctor she talked to. She gave very detailed written info about what he had and he needed fluid. I drove the hour and went with them. I decided that I might be a bit more vocal than she is.

It took me getting very vocal. We arrived at 5pm. Told them he needs fluids. ONE HOUR later they triaged him! 101 temp so they gave him tylonal. Three hours later we could feel he was getting hotter. We asked that they take him temp. They told us we had to wait for 15 minutes until they could do that.

My son in law had went back several time to complain. The last time they got rude with him and said “if your doctor called ahead you wouldn’t be waiting here.” We then showed them the paperwork AGAIN that showed what she needed done and the name of the doctor she talked to…. they said “oh well, you’ll still have to wait!”

This made me rather mad. I pulled out my laptop and tried to find info on their website of chief of staff or administrator. When they didn’t have it listen (i am loudly telling daughter what I am doing). I said “I’m going to write a letter to the gainesville sun” So, I went to their forums and wrote a scathing review of the hospital ER which included “next time I will tell my daughter to take him to the vet as dogs get treated better than the people do here” There were people near by and they wanted to hear so I was reading it again while my daughter was on the phone to her aunt (a nurse) to find out how in the heck we get attention… how do we find out the head administrator etc . They called us back. Shannon headed to the peds room they had here in the night before.. they stopped us and said “we have a special room for you, the family room” We were being “punished” so to speak.

They came in and said he was fine. I argued with them. They sent the attending doc in an hour later. I said “his doctor says he has pneumonia, she showed us the xrays” he says “is she a radiologist?” (the resident said that they way the xrays were cloudy was normal for babies”) I replied “no she is a pediatrician, I would think she would know what NORMAL xrays for a baby would look like.” He said he has NO signs of infection. I then said well last night one of your physicians said he had an ear infection. He said “well, you could have 10 doctors diagnose one person and get 10 different answers.” To which I replied “how VERY reassuring.” He said I’ll be back in a sec and grabbed the xrays and left. AN HOUR later the resident returns. He said we took these xrays to the radiologist (the ones the pediatrician took — to this point they had been looking themselves and THEY are not radiologists!) “and the radiologist says there is pneumonia”

IMAGINE THAT!!! We then asked again that they PLease take his temp since it had been three hours since we asked. It was now 102. They did NOT start and IV. They got him to drink 2 ounces of pedialite and sent us home!!!!!!

I could not believe this. They did NOTHING. We didn’t even need to go there as he already had the antibiotic. The doc had sent him to be hydrated and they sent us home!!!!!

AHHHHHHHHHH. Ok, got that off my chest!


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