Health Care Issues

This past weekend was our three day convention.  I missed one day of it.  My back did not like it.  The two days we did attend I took about 15 pages of notes front and back.  I learned a lot.  Today I got a call from my oldest daughter.  Her son is running a high fever.  She took him to the doc and they said he had pnemonia and since he has asthma needed to go to the hospital.  They drove the hour to the hosptial only to still be setting in the ER waiting.  This got me to thinking about how poor our medical systems truly are.

A couple weeks ago I saw the video on tv where the patient in NYC was left to die in the waiting room of an ER.  When my daughter got there at 5 tonight a girl she knows was there with her child.  They had been there three hours and hadn’t been accessed yet.  My daughter was sent by a doctor because even two breathing treatments would not bring my grandson’s oxygen level about 92%.  She was still put on the list to be seen, not taken right back.  Why could they not just take him back?  They know from the doctor’s assement his breathing is not good at all.  His fever was 103.

Recently I was listening to NPR radio they had this series on health care for all.

After listening to that and watching Michael Moore’s Sicko documentary I think everyone needs to just move to another country.  Sure, we have freedoms, sort of.  But everything is about money.  The government no longer cares about it’s citizens.  It cares about money.

Ok, I shall hush before I stand on my soap box for an extended period of time.


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