Not the only one with College Woes

My daughter is also hoping to start college this fall.  She hopefully will be attending Santa Fe in Gainesville, FL.

Today she recieved a letter telling her she has to “re-admit”.  I told her to rethink her college choice.  They have flubbed up one thing after another.  First they didn’t post her financial aid and told her she hadn’t applied there.  She called back and gave them info so they could find her app.  They found it and still didn’t post her financial aid.  Their excuse then was that she used the wrong school code on her fafsa.  She called fasfa all was ok with their end, they gave her a transaction number to give to the school.  She did this and now gets this letter.

So, if you are new to the college arena as we are KEEP COPIES OF EVERYTHING.  Even if you think you are safe and shall never need it again.


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